Monday, October 24, 2011

My Great-Granddaughter Brianna


Went I planned my trip to Calgary in the spring, it was with the hope that my timing would coincide with the birth of my great-granddaughter. No go. My granddaughter Rebecca kept being late and I had to come back to Mexico and await the news. Brianna was born 10 days after my return. Poor timing on my part…

Then, after Brianna was born, my iffy Telcel ISP kept interfering with my receiving or downloading any file of importance. Understandably, as we all do with a first child, there were photos galore. Rebecca, my only grandchild, was not content unless she’d send me upwards of 75 pics. No go in getting any of it. I had to find a way.

Well, a few are better than none. My son just sent me by email the latest pics of Brianna. She’s almost ready to crawl at 6 months of age. Isn’t she a cutie?











Pretty hard to conceptualize. My son is a grand-daddy! Brianna seems to enjoy the thought. . .


RunNRose said...

Hi! I'm wondering what's going on with you. Wonder if you did go get the generator, and if anything else has happened. It's been awhile since you posted. I do check on you every day!!

Hope all is well!

RunNRose said...

P.S. Yes, Brianna is a sweetheart. Hopefully you will go see her in the spring? Is that a yearly trip? Hope so.

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