Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Impossible Week--a Recalcitrant Computer—News on Construction


The week of the Day of the Dead saw an influx of tourists from October 27th up to the middle of last week. Impossible to access the internet because of s…l…o…w……a…s….m…o…l…a…s…s…e…s connection on account of so much traffic. I would usually give up after an hour or more of trying without success. Sorry.

Then over the weekend, try as I might, I still could not have access to ANYTHING starting with my opening page at yahoo. I suppose that I had to come to the conclusion that there was something wrong with my equipment. I bought software to speed up my PC and it helped, but just a little. I have problems with the DNS and when I checked my downloads, I realized that for months now, NVidia had failed to update…

So I’m taking the contraption tomorrow to Tony in town in the hope that he can straighten up things. So I may not be able to post for a while.

The walls are up and taking photos is delayed because of what precedes. Also, I’m having difficulties in accessing both blogs and my email boxes. Never a day without some frustration… guess my task in this life is to learn patience.

I got my generator and was able to do my own laundry in my own washer for the first time in 20 months. I never imagined that doing laundry would give me so much satisfaction, almost elation! But it did. Go figure.

I’m working of a post about moving to Mexico for many good and all the bad reasons. Coming as soon as I get a more cooperative computer.

I’m posting this on both my blogs and apologize for this tardiness.


RunNRose said...

Hi. I was amazed at your description of how Americans act in Mexico. They don't want to learn the language, want that country to be just like the one they left. What amazes me is how accurately that description fits the huge Mexican population where I live in Texas. When I go to Walmart, only 5 minutes from my house, it's like being in Mexico. More Spanish than English. And, I am most upset by a recent overhaul of the store to make every sign there be bilingual. In the Sam's next door, companies from MX are giving out sample foods. And I've seen angry customers when a Walmart employee didn't speak Spanish.

Same problem--different locations. I would rather have needed to go to Mexico to use my Spanish instead of hearing only Spanish in my own neighborhood!

Good to know you got the generator. Hope things continue to look up for you!

Stargazer said...

If I recall history correctly, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California were for centuries part of Mexico. There are therefore families in those states who can trace their ancestry for many hundreds of years right there. The newcomers are in fact the English speaking ones...

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