Thursday, November 24, 2011

Saying Thanks


Although I don’t believe in having just one day on which to show our appreciation for all the gifts and blessings one enjoys in life, perhaps this day is extra-special to also reflect on what those gifts and blessings are.

As for me, I am extraordinarily grateful for my new life in a new country. Don’t think for one minute that I can’t appreciate how blessed I am with health and vitality. Those gifts that permit me at my age of 72 to start anew with creativity and hope for the future. When I thought that the rest of my life would be spent in the RV, I’m given this opportunity to design and build my own small house. I love a challenge and this one could hardly fit me any better combining as it does art, practicality, organization, and determination. What’s not to be thankful for?

I am grateful for both family and friends here and everywhere. I am grateful for the chance, even in the “boonies” to connect with the world at large with my blogs and for all those who read them. I am grateful for my three dogs who teach me what unconditional love is.

I pray that in turn, my little adventure may help others to accept that it is never too late. I wish you all a song dancing in your heart, a head thrilled with a dream, and the health and gumption to forge ahead and make that dream come true.


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Anonymous said...

I am thankful for you. You do inspire me and give me hope that there is may still time for adventure after my caregiving role is over. Until then, I live vicariously through you. Thank you.

Barb said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :)

Eileen White said...

WOW...did I ever need that piece of gratitude-infused cheer ,,,,,

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