Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dedicated to Brent and Kathy with Thanks

I doubt that I would have made it, boondocking this late in my life, had it not been for the help of many people. My son and daughter-in-law encouraged me and helped with the move out of my apartment by truck. A car wrongfully parked in the lane prevented me from leaving for close to two hours. Putting my belongings in storage became another ordeal after the long delay.
Exhausted and close to tears, finally, I was able to move into my rig, only to discover one problem after another. It was really hard. The weather was worse than awful with freezing temperatures and cold rain for days on end. Things that had been working before I put the rig in storage failed to work properly or were broken. Had it not been for Brent and Kathy letting me use their driveway and lending me both a heater and electricity while I was getting the rig up to traveling, I'm not sure that I would have kept my courage to go on. Weeks and hundreds of dollars later, the rig finally was road-worthy.

So, I want to acknowledge with gratitude all the gracious help that they gave me. On a separate post, I am putting a poem that I wish to dedicate to them. It is titled, "The Canal". Feel free to peruse it.

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