Monday, May 24, 2010

Got My Blog BACK!

After more than a week attempting by all means to get access to MY blog and MY gmail account, I finally succeeded! I’m so sorry that you may have been pestered with a request for urgent money. NO, I was not in Scotland, nor in Canada, nor in Sweden, remaining safely on my lot in Santillan, but worried that some kind soul would respond to these scammers’ request for money. I attempted to warn as many people as I could, directly or indirectly. If nobody did, THANK YOU!

Some 5 or 6 weeks ago, I had received an email (or so it seemed) from Google urging me to confirm that I wanted to keep my account open, or else it would be closed. The logo and all appeared legit and all that I was asked to provide was my name, my date of birth and my password to the gmail account. Since no financial transactions had ever been associated with my gmail account, I was totally unsuspecting. What a mistake! Both the blog and gmail account were hijacked and I was prevented access to it all until today. This, after surfing the net in search of means to rectify the situation and numerous requests to Google (they are a tad hard to reach, I’ll admit. . .) to reinstate me as the legitimate owner of the account. Thanks to Google that the truth finally prevailed despite my foolishness in responding to what I should have suspected was a scam.


I really missed publishing to my blog. Whether I ever heard directly from you or not, I still had a sense of warmth and closeness sharing my little adventures with you. If you have remained faithful despite the (Nigerian, I think) phishing scam, another heartfelt THANK YOU!

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Stargazer said...

Google provided me with a list of URLs that had contacted my account. They came from South Africa.


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