Friday, June 3, 2011

Building an Arched Doorway

Now that the columns are of equal thickness and width, the arched doorway can begin. We were expecting a load of red bricks that would be used to make the base of the arch. Because the supplier had a problem and could not deliver until the next day, the maestro used cement blocks that were cut to shape and size. Here’s the result of this work.

Arched doorway 002

The pieces, normally bricks, are held onto a base that will be removed later. Then they are lightly cemented together to form the lower part of the arch. Note on the right that the arch will repose on the columns and begin the upward arch from the inner side of the column.

Then rebars are bent into the desired shape to form the upper part of the arch. the rebars serve as the form and the solid anchoring to the columns. All the pieces are held together with thick wire. Here, the maestro is securing the rebars to the castillo or metal mesh that can be seen on the left. This metal mesh is what reinforces the cement fence at every three metres of fence and at the ends of the fence itself.

Arched doorway 012Arched doorway 007

Oiled planks are then secured front and back of the arch and smaller pieces of wood follow the curve of the arch up to the top.

Concrete (cement mixed with gravel) is then poured into the form.

Those planks will then be removed the following day.

Then, the maestro will chip off any uneven part so that the arch will be smooth. It will then be covered with a mescla or fine cement mix that will even it all.

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RunNRose said...

Wow. A lot of work for everybody concerned. The two workmen, and the blogger! Interesting to see how the arch is done. You do a good job of explaining.

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