Friday, June 3, 2011

Raising Columns–Making a New Column

The maestro and his helper have been working very hard and accomplished everything that I had planned for them. First, the columns had to be raised. Not for aesthetic value, but because the iron part that permits to sway the gates either way had to be covered. The double gate was installed a while back.

First oiled planks were placed over the existing columns. They were tightly secured so that the cement poured into the new form would remain only in.

Raising a column 001

On the right of the photo is the form that will hold the cement extension.

On the left is the making of a new column. Columns are much wider and thicker than that of the block fence. Since I wanted an arched doorway, both sides had to be of equal thickness.

I had to procure planks of the required width and the box form was prepared. It was then secured to the existing castillo or boxy end of the fence.

Concrete was then poured into the new form and bingo, castillo has been made into a column.

Raising a column 002

The continuation of this work is titled Arched Doorway and is a new post.

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