Wednesday, June 1, 2011

.....enough already about the dogs!

I received this email this morning. No words before or after it. After the initial hurt, I wondered whether I had bored readers with my dog stories. But they are my chosen companions, therefore awfully close and important to me. They matter a lot and this past weekend was definitely dramatic, if not traumatic… Being in a new country and in view of the plight of street dogs, I felt that RV’ers who come to Mexico with a dog or another animal, would benefit from my experience. Sharing experiences is, after all, the purpose of my blog. Besides, construction stories would have lacked interest… at least until today.

Monday, the front loader came to spread evenly the tepetate that had been dropped in a heap over only half of the lot. Although it’s much too early to have the ground level, it has to be even enough so that the maestro Marcelino and his helper Jorge, could trace the contour of the house. This will guide where to dig for the mamposteo. When it happens, photos will show the work in progress.  This will not take place until I get them next to work for me for two weeks from June 20.

Yesterday they installed a fence of large metal mesh to enclose the RV and bodega. This to leave sufficient space for the workers and materials they need, without interference from (oopColumns 011-1s… sorry…) the dogs. This meant that the hose that runs from the in-ground water tank to the RV had to be dug out, re-routed to allow for digging, and covered again. Believe me, it was hell. The hose runs over 30 metres. With the driver and front loader waiting, there was no time to allow for taking photos. A look at the ground gives a clear picture of tepetate, a type of rock that is friable and turns to powder.

Today, they are busy extending the columns on each side of the gate and the future door over which will be an arch. Much of my time this week was spent ordering materials, paying for them, and seeing that they are conveniently placed for access by the workers.

Maestro Marcelino, a very happy easy-going man but an incredible worker. My ladder was too short, so the maestro created one!

Columns 013

Planks are covered with used motor oil to prevent the cement to warp them as they are used to make the desired form.

Columns 008-1







The form is then nailed where the column needs to be extended. The cement will be poured when all is fitting real tightly.

Raising a column 002

Columns 015-1Jorge meant well, looking straight at the camera. I took it a second too late and there was no retake!






RunNRose said...

I have a comment about the complaint that you talk too much about your dogs. Your blog is yours. You are free to write what you choose; readers are free to read or not to read. I look for authenticity regarding lives; some people seem to demand entertainment. Of course your dogs are important to you; rightfully so. Don't worry your head about the rudeness of someone who expects you to entertain--to write about THEIR interests! Let them look elsewhere. Meanwhile, keep on doing what you do. Talking about what is going on in YOUR life!

Tesaje said...

I love your stories about your dogs so keep them coming. Ignore rude comments like that. If they don't like what you write, why are they reading you? Just to be mean, I guess.

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