Thursday, June 23, 2011

Skype and Telcel

Thanks to a reader from Guaymas, I have an idea of what Telcel is doing to our so-called broadband (banda ancha) transmission. Check the comment posted on June 12 from Anonymous. Thank you, Anonymous. It is unthinkable! Why would Telcel control what programs we can use on our broadband? Carlos Slim also owns Telmex. Will it eventually happen to them too? He’s already the richest man in the world. When is enough enough?

I recently heard of PROFECO and I seriously think that we, who have been arbitrarily stripped of the legal use of our broadband transmission, should fight for our right to use our service in whichever way we wish. It’s as if we had a youngster who loved playing games on the internet but would be barred from an altogether legitimate game. It’s outrageous! Besides, Telcel’s move will only encourage us to look for another internet provider. What’s their gain? There’s no way I would use Telcel for long distance ANYWHERE. Their rates are disgustingly high.

I’ve been very busy with construction and dog worries and will report these on a next blog. But I was so incensed to find that we, legitimate users of Telcel’s broadband, for which we pay the full price, should be deprived of a full service that I had to express my indignation.

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! I have been sick and just got caught up on your posts. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures and costs. That will give many of us an idea if we can afford to do the same. I hope you and your babies are well.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Look into a VPN service. Once you are connected to it your Internet provider has no idea what programs you're's just all encrypted data flowing through cyberspace.

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